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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network Sept. 6 hearing more than $ 1,000 per pair AirMax is still the best selling Nike shoes on the site, but in the most recent quarter and the second half to reduce the performance fell Order $ 1 billion under pressure to produce cheaper products with more consumer choice a reality Nike. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; June 24, Nike announced the operating results from 2008 to 2009 report fiscal fourth quarter and the entire fiscal year, as of May 31 this year, Nike's fourth quarter revenue $ 4.7 billion, down 7%; net of exchange rates, revenue was flat with the first half. Throughout 2008 and 2009 fiscal year, Nike's revenue $ 19.2 billion, up slightly by 3%, excluding foreign exchange factors, an increase of 4%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; For performance year on year decline in the fourth quarter, Nike explain resettlement costs have been cut more than 1,000 employees generated is an important factor. Earlier, Nike announced reduction of about 1,750 employees worldwide, hoping to cut costs and adjust corporate structure. To achieve this goal, from 2008 to the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009, Nike spent $ 195 million of pre-tax income. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Even if layoffs have been implemented, but the outlook for next year, Nike is still not optimistic. Nike said that from June 2009 to November, the company's flagship "Nike" athletic shoes, apparel product orders only amount to $ 7.8 billion, down 12 percent, a decreas Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e of about $ 1 billion, net of exchange rates, the amount of orders also will be reduced by 5 percent year on year. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Magang sporting goods market research on the CBN, told reporters: "Nike's fourth-quarter earnings fell, mainly due to the high-end product positioning Nike Nike Kobe and related. James and other sports shoes priced at around RMB 1,200 yuan to 1,300 yuan, are high-end products, and the impact of the financial crisis is the biggest high-end market. Currently, the US and Europe is still the main market, Nike, and these two areas but also by the international financial crisis, the worst hit area, consumer purchasing power fell sharply, sales of natural decline " & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; weakness in the European market from the second half of this year the amount of orders can change see a trace of clues. Distribution by region, the second half of this year, the US market order amount reduced by 4%, Europe, Middle East and African markets decreased by 24%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Nike CEO Mark Parker (MarkParker), said high-end sporting goods market still exists, Nike will not give up, but also efforts to develop products to $ 100 to attract consumers, Parker said: "Consumers must be selected, but that does not mean we should pay for the high price."classic color Asics recently as the brand's classic Asics Gel-Kayano OG training shoes create a classic color, elegant white rice as the main colors, with red and blue eye- Retro jordans for sale catching details of the decoration, comfortable overall color. This kind of shoes has been on the market, like friends, remember to pay attention to. 1 2 on next page, next page, Brazil flying saucer, PUMA, Disc, Blaze, Brazil, color, next page review ready to February, black month shoes will also be on the market, of course, Adidas is no exception, on the Internet exposed the new color Adidas D Rose 5, perhaps may be black month do not note version. 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Awesome?? celebrates the 45 birthday, Adidas Originals Superstar 80s upcoming new Delux cheap foamposites e series Stephen Curry, the first pair of personal signature shoes Curry One review last article: celebrate the 45 birthday, Adidas Originals Superstar 80s upcoming new Deluxe series next article: Stephen Curry, the first pair of personal signature shoes, Curry, OneMark McNairy But now the design community in the fried chicken, with the major footwear brands have been friendly and seamless, with bold, unconventional design captured a public fashion, but in so much cooperation among the design objects Dress Shoe gentleman are necessary primarily, but recently this situation has finally been broken usual, because Mark McNairy recently began to join Timberland, Timberland multiplied on, the detached basically outdoor style, this is no exception to Classic 6 & quot; Work Boot cooperation, which joined in the Mark McNairy fairly common design camouflage canvas element, and is a collage of fabrics with several styles, Mark McNairy consistent design style, this cooperation version The Classic 6 & quot; Work Boot shelves upcoming season also on sale, like the less traditional outdoor boots of friends to pay attention. Source: shoes-up & nbsp;1, the greatest MVP: Jordan there is no doubt that Jordan is one of the world's greatest players and also nature is the history of the NBA's greatest MVP, flying career got a total of five MVP awards, and each session are well deserved can be said Jordan did basketball players can do everything, people flying in the game Cheap foamposites for sale of excellence not only to conquer the opponent, also influence the track of the development of basketball, maybe Michael Jordan basketball course is a writing great chronicle. 2, the youngest MVP: Ross 2011 in May 4th, the Bulls won the Ross MVP, under the age of 23 Ross created NBA's youngest MVP record. Before the 2010-11 season, "the youngest MVP belongs to Wes unseld, in the 1968-69 season, only 23 years old zero nine days of Ang saierde elected MVP, and after 42 years, union was born a younger MVP Mr., this person is the Bulls team headed star Ross. Averaging 25.5 points, seven assists and played in team history the 6th 60 victory, and rose to 11 years in October, only 23 years of age, the winning also break record in the history of the NBA's youngest MVP. 3, the largest number of MVP: Jabbar whether career durability or personal achievement, Kareem Abdul Jabbar are in the ranks of the chiefs of history occupies a place, as the league's all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar MVP honors can also used to describe a basket, from 1971 to get the first MVP award began Abdul Jabbar a not clear, career he got a total of six MVP, even Jordan, Russell and Chamberlain, God also number in this field also ranked only behind him. 4, the first MVP Petit since 1956, there have been many heroes have won the regular season MVP, but absolutely cannot ignore a key figure, Petit, during the 1955-56 season, Pettit averaged 24.7 points 16.2 rebounds, with perfect pe Cheap jordans online rformance he also became the characters in the history of the NBA's first who win the regular season MVP trophy. 5, the most lethal MVP Chamberlain Chamberlain then described as is the alliance most terrorist killed, single field 100 magic earthshaking, in his view, scoring than to drink cold water even to. And in the 1959-1960 season, Zhang Dashuai got his first regular season MVP, his season averaged 37.6 points score is amazing, which is a lethal MVP winner. 6, the most consistent MVP Russell, Chamberlain, Byrd want to for three consecutive years to get the MVP of the league, so that one can imagine the difficulty and need a player for three consecutive years become the league's best player, and the competition is so fierce in the NBA, want to accomplish such achievement is not 〉Nike LeBron 14 LMTD "Triple Black" is on sale! The color appeal was inspired by Lebron James's closing all social media playoff model, simple but solid. Full black color matching 3M reflective swoosh and LBJ logo, but also to this pair of shoes added a fierce and decisive. shoes information: Nike LeBron 14 LMTD color: Anthracite/Anthracite number: 852402-002 offer date: May 10, 2017 price: $175 domestic no information on the sale of this shoe. 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APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!continue to wait for the French blue Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" officially came at the same time, we bring a new map of this pair of white and blue boutique tour. first sold in 2005 January, although not the first year of OG color series, but this pair of white and blue dress Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" is a lot of Chinese Sneakerhead Air and Air Jordan know the best matchmaker Jordan 12! The recurrence of this revisit has also aroused the most beautiful memories of everyone. after repeatedly adjust the release date for overseas sale will be conducted in April 2nd, the German Nike official website has issued a notice, and North America in April 2nd will also be synchronized. There is still no official announcement in China. Is it going to be sold on Saturday in April 2nd, and we also pay close attention to our latest updates! the color had already arrived the dealer, male and female models priced at $1499 and $999 RMB, the volume of The Master with black color almost at the current sale price on Taobao in $1900 ~ $2000. item: 130690-113When the of a statue of the God of almost twenty years of struggle are difficult to match the damn ring. One person was almost in his career 13 years year after year with the ring, until the two hands are not. The name you know. yes, Bill · Russell, collectively would. A few years NBA fans can not avoid the reality version of the name, the Lord of the rings. no matter you are blowing the ancient black or ancient, the identity of the achievements of Mithras 11 Championships, and Jordan before the most successful player are objective facts, though, which contains little water. said there is water, may be part of the ancient blow is not convinced, but the fact is there! Water! Branch!!!! look at it, you may feel that his playing time is awesome, but this It is quite common for in ancient times, twenty thousand single season averaging 48.5 minutes to play like. Emphasis is on playoff appearances screenings, at that time each year are only eight teams playing in the playoffs, is things add up to eight teams, while four teams, each year as long as it's not partition down a second basic can into the playoffs, the Celtics is relied on brush bad team year after year to record brush is quite beautiful. It is also on the brush 5 regular season MVP, behind this again. is the cardinal, Auerbach, the coach, the greatest ancient times general manager, no one. In addition to the title in 2008, the Celtics history on the other 16 are related to him. The only reason would in Celtic is the old man like him. Market rumors, when bishop with the Celtics owner of a hockey team let the eagle to choose Russell, then the Celtics their main center Macaulay to change. In this way, it is the Mithras to join. 97 years and years to re estimation, make the Celtics players with Popovich pick conditions in exchange for another of the ruling class, idiot. Unfortunately, when the Celtics a move junk-heap smarter wave. , fee big effort finally joined the Celtics Mithras was finally able to exhibit skill, at least before God in the NBA, he is still quite moist, championship, MVP, backboard King god horse of have. And then the Celtics have had Bob & middot; Cousy with Bill & middot; Zalman the two fifty stars. Subsequently, the Sam & middot; Jones and havlick also fifty stars. Keep at least 3 fifty stars in the team, Hein Thorne KC, Jones such arrogant soldier is not the one one listed players,. Look again at the other team, when Chamberlain still warriors happy brush data, petit get enough honor, in the basic retirement edge, the Lakers Jerry West and Elgin Baylor also quite happy to brush the data, the luckier than God is they often can brush to the finals, before being kicked the Celtics back. 〈〉