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Now Indonesia's shoes account for about 30% of the world's total output, ranking among the top six in global footwear exports. South Korea's Changshin group, the former investment in Indonesia's West Java City Shandong ghat $60 million to build a shoe factory, Indonesia industry minister Saleh Husin personally attended the inauguration ceremony of the shoe factory. Indonesia's shoes now account for about 30% of global output, ranking among the top six in global footwear exports. South Korea's Changshin group, the former investment in Indonesia's West Java City Shandong ghat $60 million to build a shoe factory, Indonesia industry minister Saleh Husin personally attended the inauguration ceremony of the shoe factory. It is reported that the annual capacity of the shoe factory is 15 million pairs, will provide more than 5500 jobs. The shoe products will be exported to Europe, the United States and other Asian countries. Saleh Husin highly evaluates the importance of the shoe factory and believes it will boost exports of non petroleum and natural gas products in indonesia. Indonesia footwear industry is the key industries, the development of the footwear industry can not only improve the Indonesian government foreign exchange income, but also as a labor-intensive industry, the industry can also provide adequate employment opportunities for local residents. At present, Indonesia's footwear products are mainly exported to the United States, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and japan. 2011-2013 years, the average annual growth rate of investment in Indonesia's footwear industry was 4.7%. In 2013, Indonesia's footwear investment totaled 10 trillion and 700 billion rupiah, or $836 million. Saleh Husin said that Indonesia's shoes now account for about 30% of the world's total output, ranking among the top six in global footwear exports. 2014, Indonesia footwear exports amounting to 4 billion 100 million rupiah, an increase of 6.4%, the Indonesian government failed to achieve exports in 2014 amounted to 5 billion rupiah, part of the reason for this result is some foreign capital. Earlier this year, sixteen investors, mostly from South Korea and Japan, cancelled plans to build their factories in Indonesia due to uncertainty over the minimum wage growth in indonesia. In recent years, the wages of Indonesian workers have increased rapidly, which has caused serious burden to some foreign companies. The cheap labor is the main reason for foreign invest and build factories in Indonesia, and for this reason, dozens of shoe manufacturers have been moving East Java or other ASEAN member countries, such as Kampuchea and Vietnam, where labo cheap foamposites ur costs are lower. another factor that affects the development of the Indonesian footwear industry is the lack of raw materials, leather and rubber. Although it is one of the leading producers of natural rubber in the world, Indonesia lacks processing equipment for processing natural rubber, which restricts the export of rubber. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry) although since 2008 has been out of the winter, but the manufacturing industry in 2010, spring is still far away. the beginning of the year, many export-oriented manufacturing enterprises with overseas customers offer a relatively fixed order, but they have to face raw material prices, the RMB exchange rate, the cost of human resources and many uncertain factors, which makes the operation and profitability of enterprises, largely in a gamble. and determining factors in the manufacturing industry is expected, most of the old problem for eradication, such as lack of core technology, buyers and retailers with strong overcapacity and foreign counterattack, etc.. Domestic trouble and foreign invasion under attack, the industry is not optimistic about the prospects. differentiation overseas orders are recovering; export prices have picked up, albeit in a limited extent. This is the common feeling of many domestic export manufacturing enterprises since the Spring Festival in 2009. in the manufacturing enterprises gathered in Guangdong, Dongguan Province, at present, most of the foreign trade enterprise orders have been significantly restored, and some enterprises orders have been arranged until June 2010. Domestic orders also increased slightly before the financial crisis, but not very much. The important reason is that the long-term manufacturing enterprises are not quite familiar with the domestic market. in the second quarter of 2009, Dongguan manufacturing enterprises overseas market signs of recovery, the third quarter of the obvious increase in orders, orders, prices have also improved. At present, the operation rate of many enterprises in Dongguan has been restored to the level before the financial crisis, and some enterprises have even re emerged recruitment difficulties. since the end of 2007, the international financial crisis, China manufacturing overseas market rapidly, many foreign trade enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, especially in the textile clothing, household appliances, automobiles, electronic equipment manufacturing and other traditional labor-intensive enterprise survival plight, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises went bankrupt. in 2010, such a scene does not seem to repeat itself. With the warming of the foreign market and the release of domestic demand, the recovery trend of the manufacturing industry in 2009 will continue, but different segments of the industry will show different trends. as an important antecedent of macroeconomic data, China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index China Federation of logistics and purchasing before the release of the November (PMI) was 55.2%, above the critical point for ninth consecutive months in 50%, indicating that the manufacturing sector maintained a steady upward trend. 2)??????air jordan 11 concords for sale Vera Bradley maternity clothes for sale by owner Conquistador paracord bracelet Paracord guild jordan 11 concords for sale Vera Bradley" /〉 onitsuka tiger tai chi black yellow Does cleansing your jordan retro 6 23 Endless falls turk paracordial paracord bracelet air jordan 11 concords for sale Vera Bradley ??????purses for women Favorite Home Tours of Rugs Home Tours and Dining Rooms jordan blue flints Not Found Beach Houses Beaches and Deck Chairs sport bike shoes Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars Recipe Apple Pie Bars Caramel Apples and Salted Caramels womens sneakers sale india Classical music joke even if many non Classical artists are also dead shot Words Classical Music Music Jokes and Music purses for women Favorite Home Tours of Rugs Home Tours and Dining Rooms before for everyone to bring model foot demonstration of the air jordan XX3 White/Stealth-Gold color, this time again for everyone present is also a birth in 2008 the air jordan XX3 "stealth" color on foot, you may wish to once again feel the air jordan XX3 feet charm. source: nicekicks& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network July 20 hearing on the Nike US official shopping site, Kobe Five is one of the most popular basketball shoes, the price is $ 130. However, the same pair of shoes priced Bryant Five men Nike stores in Shanghai, Tibet Road to 1298 yuan; In terms of Renminbi as denominated, the spread between nearly 400 yuan. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the average purchasing power of Americans is much higher than in China, why Nike products in the United States, but the price is cheaper than China? Nike market discrimination? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; who is familiar with Nike insiders told reporters: "For example, a $ 100 pair of Nike sports shoes, foundry production costs only about $ 10, Nike to price the retailer is half price, about $ 50, retail price of $ 100 and then sold, the whole process to get rid of all costs, Nike's product gross margin of around 40%, is quite high. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the high prices and high profit margins can be put on a pair of twin brothers, Nike high-margin products in the Chinese market even in the global market are Nike champion. Nike released in June this year, the fourth quarter financial report, as of May 31 this year, Greater China revenue $ 464 million, EBIT (EBIT, earnings before interest, income before profit) of $ 187 million, income tax before profit margin reached 40.3%; In contrast, Nike EBIT margin in the North American market was 24.2%, 20.2% in Western Europe, Eastern and Central European market is 25.3%, Japan 23.4%, emerging markets 20.5 %, compared with the second place in Eastern Europe and Central Europe EBIT margin of 25.3%, Greater China, 15 percentage points higher. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a Nike shoes Chinese manufacturers responsible person, told reporters a few days ago, the spread of Chinese taxes, business environment and consumer habits have a relationship, in addition to the sales staff wages, retail sales in China and other related costs and as much as developed countries or regions overseas. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and the newly appointed HuangXiangYan Nike China spokesman also attributed the main reasons for the higher tariffs and logistics costs, she said: "Nike's sales in the domestic product range is very much with shoes, clothing, accessories, and some product prices higher than in the United States, some are not " & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; HuangXiangYan say China's tariffs have a greater impact on product pricing. Nike pursue asset light strategy, in addition to research and development, sales operations, in itself does not produce, products from all over the world on behalf of the plant. 2009 fiscal year, Nike's global total of 618 manufacturing enterprises, and as of June 1, 2009, a total of 136 Nike foundry in China. HuangXiangYan said Nike in China's foundries no right to sell, in Chinese products must be exported to third and then back home in the form of import tariffs in particular, import tariffs increase the cost of Nike products. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Another industry source said, in the United States, Nike is a kind of functional products, mainly to meet the sports needs of consumers, so it's price is not high; however, China the market is not the same, China's consumers to the Nike products as a fashion, Nike is synonymous with high-end and luxury, even if the price is high also in droves, which is the social foundation of Nike high pricing strategy to gain a foothold in China.As we continue to report this pair of Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Red October", will finally meet with many sneaker, designers choose red carbon plate texture rendering the whole details of some black uppers, the modified golden toe shoes to enhance the overall quality, but also for us to create a rich "red October" style. 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(Editor: Chang fan) Jordan Brand is also in baseball and football shoes shoes beauty market, Air Jordan shoes frequently appeared recently Air Jordan stadium, 7 spikes to offer new color, with simple black shoes and white dotted details, showing Oreo style. item: 385475-153 release date: May 10thFan: commissioning editor date: 2013-10-30 1996 -The Question 10 31, Philadelphia 76 team new season home unveiling battle (VS defending champion Heat team), is Allen - Iverson announced the official retirement day. Let's look back on the shoes Iverson has worn through his career.Following the previous AJ5 " Raging Red Bull suede; Bull" after the launch, and now the same series of new 3M color to grab the spotlight. Seemingly more steady low-key black and gray is actually a fevered not. The use of the reflective effect of 3M material, it is essential to make eyes bright eyes to open is expected to be sold. On. in May Air Jordan Raging Bull Pack download (22.63 KB)2009-3-20 Air Jordan V download (43.95 KB)2009-3-20 Air Jordan V download (90.72 KB)2009-3-20 Air Jordan V download (98.87 KB)2009-3-20 Air Jordan V download (98.87 KB)2009-3-20 Air Jordan V Nike Sportswear recently exposed two models for the summer launch of the Nike Air Force canvas 1 new'07, two new shoes were gray and blue denim material canvas color, collocation of water respectively at the same time green and black leather lining and Swoosh decoration, common characteristics of two new products in white in the end under the green color on rubber outsole decorative products, is expected in June 15th in the Oneness sale, love friends can look at.